The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (“Sound and Vision”) has no knowledge of the content offered by users of its service. Sound and Vision does not verify and/or edit the content prior to submission, nor does it check the content following submission to the website. Nor does it have any legal obligation to this effect.

Sound and Vision nevertheless endeavours to protect the rights of third parties, including but not limited to copyright and other intellectual property rights. In order to terminate any infringements of the rights and/or interests of third parties promptly, Sound and Vision has developed a procedure for reporting infringing content.

Sound and Vision is only obliged to remove content if based on a report it is manifestly unlawful in Sound and Vision’s opinion. It is therefore important that a report is properly motivated and that it is substantiated by documentary evidence. If Sound and Vision has reasons to doubt the correctness of a report and/or if the report is incomplete, the report will not lead to removal of the relevant content. If Sound and Vision considers additional information necessary, it may request it. The above does not affect the fact that Sound and Vision is entitled to remove content pursuant to the Conditions for Use.

In any event, a report should contain the following information:

•    the name, address, place of residence, telephone number and e-mail address of the person making the report;
•    a description of the alleged unlawful content;
•    the location of the alleged unlawful content (indicated by means of an URL);
•    the date on which the alleged unlawful content was placed and the date on which it was observed; and
•    the precise unlawful nature of the content. If it concerns infringement of trademark rights, trade name rights and/or copyright, then the trademark, the trade name and/or the work that is the subject of the infringement should also be described, and the person making the report should also submit proof that he is authorised to enforce such rights.

The above information should be sent to    

Sound and Vision will not be party to any dispute between a person making a report and a party who has submitted the allegedly unlawful content. Sound and Vision does not accept any liability whatsoever for any damage or loss suffered by a person making a report as a result of any allegedly unlawful content submitted. Nor does it accept any liability for any damage or loss as a result of any removal of content by Sound and Vision.

Sound and Vision respects and protects the privacy of all persons making such reports. All personal information provided to it in connection with a report will be treated confidentially, and will be used only for dealing with the report.

Any person making a report guarantees that all details provided by him are correct and that he is authorised to make the report.  A person making a report is responsible for all damage or loss suffered by Sound and Vision as a result of an incorrect report.